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Erotic story - right of first night
There is a theory of parallel realities, almost, but not identical to ours. What if one of them, the history of relations between the sexes evolved somewhat differently than in the known?

Wedding - a very troublesome business, runs for one day, and should prepare a couple of months. However, for a young couple that it is useful to test as the first joint is serious business. The bride and groom, barely 20, unanimously decided to go to the event responsibly, in compliance with all traditions, in contrast to the light-newfangled options. The only controversial point was the traditional rite of deprivation of virginity bride, so-called "right of first night."

Of course, since the Dark Ages, and even the last century, a tradition much easier - with the recent (20-30 years as a) no, actually, not defloration even implied - youth full swing practice premarital sex, most do not even have her future husband - so to wedding girl usually has a sexual experience, often quite extensive. Whether it before - sigh guardians of morality. On chastity girl bride checked one of very respected in the community or community of citizens, godfathers, usually a young couple had a choice of several of these characters, and it was decided not to show too much, neither the selection nor the proper procedure - usually all occupied 25 30 minutes in between other ceremonies. In the interest of the groom was his wife's vagina substitute for strong penis skilled, experienced in the family business man, what has been a number of reasons. First of all, who dared to leave the innocence of pre-marital slag was very difficult to cheat godfather, breaking more than a dozen tselok. Secondly, experienced guy probably will not experiment on defloriruemoy girl (as happened, there were those who presented such an opportunity rarely), and limited to only the minimum action to complete sexual intercourse. Third, if you later discover that the girl from the first time managed to fly, "author" should fully support a young family (although, technically considered a child of a legal father, it was really good tone papashka cares about him as a relative, albeit distant .)

Usually the material possibility for this was because the recall of these godfathers selected only mature men morally and financially. That, however, did not prevent some of them, already burdened with many children try to evade the new fatherhood, trying to inseminate the most part elegant wedding dress, not her vagina svezheraspahannuyu. For some jealous suitors this was another opportunity to look for, including money and gifts, defloratora older. However, in the Middle Ages jealousy understood differently, and the presence of a large family a couple of other people's children was seen as a necessary evil. In recent times there was even a tradition to put a small tattoo with the monogram "discoverer", which was used barbaric by modern technology in the form of a ring in advance and mikroigolkami deposited ink.