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Second cousin. Part 2

Second cousin. Part 2

I gasped, which has opened my perspective view. I knelt down and tasted her anus ring. Put his tongue a little further, and yes again, this languid sigh. She no longer stayed, but more and more moaning while until I buried her in the ass, raped her with his tongue.
Recoiling from her ass, I brought the term and said it uperevshis
- Are you there a virgin?

Without a word, she moved her hips to the meeting and it was clear that she wants it, and it does not matter whether she had a contact in this position .... I slowly inch by inch its way into her ass, and I understand that a virgin ... Uperevshis eggs, I gave her a little getting used to, and gradually began to move. Mary screamed a little, but immediately continued his cries. Trying to get her as little pain, I was accurate as I could. Catching a mutually convenient pace, I saw on the shelf with a comb knob. And in my excited brain had an idea to have it in both holes.

After spending his hand on the palm of the vagina, I felt that she was violently excited. I typed with two fingers and ... covered her wild orgasm. After waiting until she stops squirming, I began to insert the handle of a hairbrush, she could not stop it. At first, I was moving at a time that a member of the anus, a handle in the vagina. She received another orgasm, in effect I was moving at the same time and there and there. She experienced an orgasm for orgasm. And I could no longer restrain myself, I'm spewing into the anus and went to her side.
We were just lying there. kissed me on the cheek she wiped with a towel and began to dress. But was not ready to let it go at the moment, I had to fully satisfy his desire.
Stopping it, I took her hand and pulled to her. Seeing that my cock again ready to meet my wishes, she pulled off his clothes, had time to dress himself.

Sat on the edge of the bath was led by palm trunk. Letting go of her hand, I introduced her finger. Sigh. She could no longer restrain himself and took his hand away, crossed a naked my body gradually began to sit down. The more she introduced a term, the more she began to moan. The movement was accelerated and she could not move herself. Feeling that she had waited, and orgasmic Opava on my chest, do not continue to move, I myself started with a violent force to peck her exhausted body.
Mary gets an orgasm for orgasm and I'm having to pull out of the finished member. After such contact, she slipped and we were being sprayed with warm water.

The next day I learned that Mary went to her grandmother. A month passed, I was waiting for her, I waited again, those feelings ... But one sunny day the world fell for me, I learned that in her village was hit by a car ... She died.
Year, I talked with the girls without much interest in them, but in a wonderful day we received a brand new ... And she was like ... Why, it was very similar to Masha ...
But that's another story

To be continued ....