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Behind the glass in the meantime Katya rhythmically writhing on two huyah, barely holding in her mouth the third. Orgasm rolled over for an orgasm, she screamed but no longer whined softly.
- All - said Albert - It's time to finish, I can not go and took out his penis from Katherine, quickly moved to her head, she immediately took it into his mouth, and at the same time her mouth was filled with sperm Alberta.
Here and Yegor matured. Katya had not yet swallowed albertovskuyu portion, and Yegor already splashed on her face.
Andrew remained. Kate got off his penis and showed a sign that he raised his leg. She was licking his balls hand pulling the barrel, sinking lower and lower tongue, she did what she had seen in the performance of Olga, she licked ass Andrew poking her tongue as deeply as possible. Andrew also lasted not long.
We had finished at the same time. He Katya in her mouth and she swallowed every last drop. I'm in a glass of wine, and Olga, too, not a drop left.
Katya was lying on a couch in an embrace with three guys and what is with them perehihikivalas.

Olga and I in two meters away, silently kissed.
Gregory operator whispered quietly discussing what they see.
Olga and I were sitting at the bar when Katerina Gregory returned to us. Katya all aglow with joy.
- Darling, I must tell you something. I decided to stay here. I really like and I found myself something for everyone.
- My friend does not obessud, I have nothing to do with - excuse Gregory.
- Come on all right. Each found what he sought. I have to go.
- I, too, perhaps will go - zasobiralas Olga. -All for now.

It took half a year. I live now in Moscow in a small apartment with amenities and views of one of the avenues. The former, my wife once a week sends a new film with her participation is from Paris, from Rome to Amsterdam, it also now know, and we now look forward to Olga when she put down the bottle to us even for his success.